The Cooper Way

Our company relies on a standard of excellence and statement of values that we call "The Cooper Way." It provides the guiding principles of our organization. Collectively, our philosophies and beliefs define who we are as a company. They are the foundation for every business decision we make and every action we take, shaping our culture with every tire we produce.

Help Each Other Succeed
Every day, we help each other succeed. We're people-focused and build strong relationships. We act for the company's collective good. We encourage one another and help others learn and develop.

Have Engaged Communication
We practice engaged communications, focusing on being open, candid, and timely in sharing news and listening to people to make sure we understand.

Be Agile
We're agile. We implement the right change at the right time, take risks, continue learning and value creativity and innovation. We never give up.

Provide World-Class Customer Service
We provide world-class customer service, delivering exceptional value through great products and services. We're committed to our customer's success and seek what's best for both of us. We honor our commitments. In short, we're the best tire company to do business with – a phrase you'll hear again and again here at Cooper.

Be Results Focused
We're also results focused. We generate aggressive plans, based on the facts – then relentlessly implement those plans. We align our people, customers, strategy and processes. We're personally accountable, tenacious problem solvers, who eliminate waste at every opportunity.

Do the Right Thing
Finally, we do the right thing. We provide high-quality products, and we promote and practice safe behavior. We use Cooper money and resources wisely. We earn respect, trust each other, and show respect for the culture and customs of all nations. We act with integrity, as good community citizens, and we seek diversity of thoughts, experience and ideas.